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Fix your spark plugs to pimp your ride

If you really want to modify a car, it is best to take care of engine performance first. That’s because car modifications aren’t just about changing body kits and installing some subwoofers to add grooves to the sound. If your car’s performance is not up to par, your car modification is not complete. You can get a lot of tips for this. I specifically mention your car’s spark plugs and how they affect engine performance and how to choose the right Hermetische Stecker by making some modifications by swapping spark plugs or spark plug gaps or by evaluating and reading your car’s spark plug requirements. Will do .

Many car enthusiasts need to know the purpose of spark plugs and how they work. So I won’t go into detail. This is a brief review.

What are spark plugs for, how do spark plugs work?

The spark plug actually fires through an ignition coil in the engine’s internal combustion chamber and creates a small spark. It combines with air and a few drops of fuel in a perfect combination for a small explosion. This small explosion creates pressure that moves the pistons in the engine cylinders and eventually creates torque that moves the camshafts and ultimately gets the car moving. Simply that way.

Therefore, the role of the connector is essential for moving the car. Obviously, poor quality sparks can affect your car’s engine performance. So when doing some car modifications with plugs, you need to make sure that the plugs are of good quality to ensure they produce better sparks to ensure fast movement. from the car. Now let’s consider modifying or replacing the connector. First, let’s analyze how this affects the performance of spark plugs. Your performance is affected by the following factors:

1) Wear of connector.
2) The gap between the center electrode and the ground electrode.
3) Provide tension.
4) Altitude and temperature of the site.

If you want to change the performance or efficiency of a plug, change the above factors, or replace some plugs, you should consider the above factors. Now let’s see how the above factors affect efficiency and how we can modify or use the above factors for better spark plug and ultimately car performance.

1) wear.

A spark plug has to go through a series of small explosions to function, so it wears out easily. So make sure your spark plugs are always in good condition if you want your car to work efficiently or well as a whole as definitely damaged spark plugs or spark plugs with a lot of carbon on the ends will not work properly. A typical spark plug lasts about 10,000 to 20,000 miles. However, some manufacturers assemble spark plugs with two or more ground electrodes to extend spark plug life. However, it has been observed to have some impact on fuel injection in cars.

2) Spark plug gaps.

This is the most important factor in connector performance. However, there are different opinions about the plug distance between ground and center electrode. Some say the bigger the gap, the better the spark. Some people say small gaps are good because it takes a small amount of voltage to create a spark. Typically, connectors require very high voltages, around 40,000 to 100,000 volts, to bridge the gap. I’m open to suggestions here. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on this topic. However, if you want to increase or decrease the gap, you can use very thin needle nose pliers as a spark plug splitter or spark plug gapping tool. To widen the gap, use pliers to pull the ground electrode outward. However, be very careful here and do not put pressure on the center electrode. Otherwise the connector may be damaged. To close the gap, gently tap the ground electrode on a hard surface. The distance between the center electrode and the ground electrode can be measured with a feeler gauge.

3) Voltage provided

As explained above, spark plugs require a very high voltage to create a spark. Therefore, use a good quality car battery to ensure the correct voltage is provided to produce a spark.


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